• What is bloset?
  • bloset is a an online marketplace that brings the outfits of hundreds of fashion bloggers into your personal closet. It’s a platform that finally connects you to your favorite fashion bloggers’ wardrobes! Sell your items on the bloset.com very easily.
  • Can I buy on bloset if I am not in the United States?
  • At the moment, we are only open to bloggers that reside in the US; however we are planning on opening the doors to our favorite bloggers worldwide.
  • How do I delete my account?
  • You can easily delete your account by going into the edit section on bloset.com.
  • I never received my order. What should I do?
  • bloset is always on your side if this happens! If you do not receive your order right away- our terms include the following: Didn’t receive an order within 7 days? You can go in and cancel your order in the orders section. Didn’t receive an order within 21 days? We will cancel your order for you. In these cases, please feel free to reach out to us at sos@bloset.com so we can help resolve your issues immediately!
  • What is bloset Buyer Protection?
  • Shop with confidence. We take responsibility for misrepresentation and unauthentic products purchased on bloset and facilitate all buyer and seller disputes within 14 days of delivery. Please contact sos@bloset.com to start a claim.
  • What if I receive the wrong item?
  • If you have received the wrong item, please contact us immediately at sos@bloset.com.
  • How does bloset handle sales tax?
  • Sellers are obligated to collect sales, use or similar taxes on orders processed and sold through bloset and shipped within New York state.
  • How do I return an item?
  • bloset is not liable nor responsible for any disputes regarding returns. Buyers and Sellers are required to settle disputes for returns on their own. Both Buyer and Seller agree that each must notify bloset in the event of any return. All items must be returned within 30 days of the order's delivery date in the condition in which you received them, with any/all tags attached, in order to qualify for a refunds. If the buyer receives an item that is not as described within the listing, is sent the wrong item, or is in some other way not as described, the buyer can report their problem to us within 3 days of delivery through on the web. When a case is opened, the buyer is asked to upload photos and offer details of the item. If the return is verified, we assist the buyer in returning the item to the seller and offer them a full refund.


  • Who are sellers?
  • Fashion bloggers, online sellers, offline store owners, indie designers and crafters seeking to capture the opportunities provided by social selling. 
  • How can I start sell my items?
  • It is very easy! Signup, upload your items, tagging and publish! Get your exclusive closets online.
  • How do I get paid?
  • When your item sells, we automatically send you an email with a pre-paid, pre-addressed USPS Priority Mail shipping label attached. Please package your item, print the label, and adhere it to your package. Then drop it off at the post office or schedule a pick up with USPS.com. After the buyer receives the item, we release the money to you within 3 days of delivery into your bloset account. You can withdraw the money via direct deposit to your bank account.
  • What are the fees for selling on bloset?
  • bloset's commission is 10 percent


  • How do I ship? 
  • When your item sells, we automatically send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed USPS Priority Mail shipping label. Please ensure you use our shipping label to ship out your order to avoid any delay in receiving your earnings, as each label has a tracking number connected with each order for us to track on our end. If our shipping label is not used, we cannot compensate or reimburse users if a package is lost in transit since we will not have access to any tracking information.
  • How much does shipping cost?
  • Shipping is based on the actual cost of shipping from the buyer state to the destination of the package.