How to Make Your First Sale

Tips for How to Make Your First Sale and keep them coming!


Be visible

Embed the Widget you picked from our widget page to your blog to direct your followers to your online closet. Pick your most liked photos with items you are wiling to give up. Take individual photos of these items, and upload to your bloset page.


Photo Quality

It is best to upload quality photos to better show your buyer the current condition of the item.


Detailed Description

Provide brief description of all attributes and current condition of the item being displayed.


Price Wisely

Be aware of your item’s original price. Some items have sentimental value that you can price them over the market value, but rule of thumb is to get the attention of your buyer by giving them prices that they can not get anywhere else.


Happy Customer is Returning Customer

Your already have a certain degree of loyalty from your followers without any transaction, and switching their loyalty to your closet is in your hands. Always respond to any questions asked in the comments section at your earliest and get feedbacks on your buyer’s satisfaction after purchase.


Lay Back and Enjoy Your Old Closet in Your Pocket

You can reach us at and we will gladly respond to questions via email or will even call you to help resolve your issues.